- History, Culture, Nature - Nakasendo way tour of post town (approximately 2hours walk)

[22nd Post Town] Tour of Iwamurata Post town

Iwamurata was the first city in Shinano where trade is popular in Muromachi era. But Iwamura was braked by a battle after that. It started as new Iwamurata post town after it was after it was the Edo Period to revive in earnest, and it was decided a post town on Nakasendo way, and it was developing.

Mr. Naito's Iwamurada feudal clan is formed in 1703. New castle was made by1864 .

Camp shop mark of Iwamurata feudal clan→Ryounnji Temple→Previous Hokkedo temple
→Sainenji Temple→Tombstone of Mr.Masakuni Naitoh (5th Seigneur)→Residence mark of Ise→Old house of Mr.Hanzawa (Village head )

  • Ryounnji Temple
  • Sainenji Temple
  • Tombstone of Hidehisa Sengoku

[23rd Post Town] Tour of Shionada & Yawata

Shionada post town is a town facing the river made an eastern coast in Chikuma river. A flood in Chikuma river called "the rough river where a neighboring district is matchless" played the important role as an inn because a traveler had often stopped walking.

An old name sign is also hung on the streets where a lattice door is left now. A big stone which has one hole left in a dry riverbed "ship connection stone" is looking at the traveler who crosses on the bridge even now.

In front of the public hall of Shiodana→Previous Honjin(primary inn) in Post town and Tonya (Shpping agent): Mr.Maruyamaユs house→Otaki→ Chikuma River→Ship connection stone→ Dainichinyorai→ Hachiman Shrine→Previous Honjin (primary inn) in Post town and Tonya(Shpping agent):Mr.Komatsuユs house

  • Streets in Shionada Post Town
  • Dainichinyorai
  • Previous Honjin (primary inn) in Post town and Tonya(Shpping agent) :Mr.Komatsuユs house

[25th Post Town]Mochizuki & Motai Tour -Mochizuki reference library of history and folklore-

Mochizuki is home town of a house from the old days, and it's said to be the history of Mochizuki's place name that a fine horse was put in an Imperial Court on a day of the full moon in August.

Present "Mochizuki reference library of history and folklore" is built for the part of the site in Honjin(primary inn) in Post town and Tonya(Shpping agent) at the area of 594m²

Motai was called "Town in a space" and was the rest place without an inn.
Old streets are left just as it is even now including 2 sake brewers, and it keeps charming a traveler.

Mochizuki reference library of history and folklore→Yamato shop and House of Mr.Mayama
→Ohtomo Shrine→Jyokoin→Onseiji temple→Shineiin→Daiohin and Stone Buddhist image group in Nagasak→Toyokawa Shrine and Benzaiten→Mochizuki reference library of history and folklore→Moving by a car→Suwa shrine→Muryoji temple→Jinmei Shrine

  • Mochizuki reference library of history and folklore
  • Jinmei Shrine
  • Street in Motai

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